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Detox & Withdrawal Corona Ca

Detox and Withdrawal in Corona

Detoxification, or detox, is an important step in the recovery process. It is during the detox treatment that you will flush your body of all harmful substances. Withdrawal symptoms will occur during this process, but at the same time you are breaking your addiction so that your body can function without drugs or alcohol. After going through detox you mind will be more clear to focus on your treatment and not jammed up with the craving of drugs or alcohol. At A Better Today (ABT) your detox treatment will be completed with medical supervision so that the withdrawal symptoms will be as minimal as possible. Often times, people who are suffering from addiction are hooked on more than one substance so their body will have a hard time handling no longer using drugs. Withdrawal symptoms can make the detox process hard to complete but at ABT we will get you through the detoxification process at the smoothest rate possible.

Why Should I Go Through Detox Under Medical Supervision?

ABT strongly recommends that your detox cycle is under medical supervision. Your body needs to get used to not in taking drugs and alcohol on a regular basis and when that happens, there can be many physical and mental setbacks. Under medical supervision, it is easier to treat withdrawal symptoms in order to keep you as comfortable as possible. The physician on staff will get you on the right detox plan to help regulate your withdrawal symptoms all together. Detoxification can be a very unpleasant process but with a trained medical staff on site, it can put you in a more relaxed environment. The detox process may scare some people because of the withdrawal symptoms, but our staff will use methods to help alleviate symptoms.

The Point of Detox

Getting harmful chemicals out of your body that have been stored up after constant drug and alcohol use is the main purpose of detox. Once those chemicals have exited your system, your body can start to learn what it is like to once again live without damaging substances in your system. ABTR also uses medication so that your withdrawal symptoms will not be as bad, minimizing the length of your overall detox stint. Trying to detox without medical supervision can lead to severe medical conditions such as seizures, sweating and sleep loss. But ABT and our medically-assisted detox staff will be there to support and guide you through the entire process. Call us today at (951) 221-0577 to get info about detox facilities in your area. Now is the time to stop giving into addiction.