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Family Intervention Corona CA

Holding an Intervention in Corona

Having a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be unbearable. Trying to connect with someone who is going through addiction is not always the easiest thing to do, no matter how well you know them. The addict, usually, does not believe they have a problem. And when you try to point out to them that their addiction is taking a toll on more than just their life, they believe you are attacking them or they discredit what you are pointing out because they claim you do not understand. A Better Today (ABT) suggests you look into holding an intervention for your loved one. For an addict, hearing from family and friends on a one-on-one basis that they have an addiction problem is not enough. But a gather of family and close friends coming together to point out the addict’s issues can be more powerful and eye-opening for the addict. An addict needs to see, first hand, how their drug or alcohol addiction is creating tension and isolation within their family or circle of friends.

What Are the Benefits of Staging an Intervention?

Setting up an intervention for an addicted loved one has many benefits that all add up to, hopefully, your loved one seeking rehab treatment. An intervention is the best way for those close to the addict to point of the negative effects their drug or alcohol usage is having on each relationship. Holding an intervention can also point out to the addict that their friends and family support them getting the help they need to kick their addiction. Addicts, often times, feel guilty or ashamed to ask for help. They feel no one will understand and that they will have to complete the recovery process alone. Showing support for an addict to go through recovery is a benefit of an intervention. This way the addict is more willing to look into entering rehab. Explaining to an addict that addiction is a sickness that requires help to get over will also help point out the importance of rehab.

Is There a Chance the Intervention Can Backfire?

Yes, there is a chance the addict will not take to the liking of an intervention. ABT strongly recommends you seek the help of a professional interventionist to act as an unbiased third party. Having an unbiased third party helps with the communication between the addict and the family and friends. If the addict feels everyone is ganging up to attack them, they will get defense and the intervention can fail. The interventionist will go over with everyone involved on how to effectively get their message across to the addict without sounding mad at the addict. It is important to stress the fact that the point of the intervention is to show you care about the addict and want to see them turn their life around. The intervention can also backfire if the people involved are too critical of the addict. Use specific examples of how the addict’s actions have hurt the relationships they are involved in. Make sure you are prepared and informed, call (951) 221-0577 to get all the info you need on holding an intervention for a loved one.